The process is actually performed twice, making it a great option for applications where durability and reliability are required.

Overmolded products are typically much stronger and more durable than standard injection molded components. Overmolding yields products such as pushbuttons or keys that receive a lot of use and need to withstand this heavy use while staying legible. This is why the markings on the keys are made through an overmolding process as opposed to a standard injection molding process or any other type of process.

Because the overmolding process is basically the standard injection molding process done twice, the margin for error is much smaller. First, the base material is injected into the mold to form the basic shape of the final product. This mold leaves space for the second injection of the second material. Once the second material is injected into the mold, the two materials harden and form the final product. Any error that is made in either of these processes results in having to redo the entire process.

Overall, the overmolding process is used to layer materials on a product to provide strength, durability, or simply an aesthetic advantage. Overmolding, just like injection molding, is all based on the customers’ needs, requirements and specifications, as custom made products are easily made and design in the mold designing phase. Injection molding processes, as a whole, are incredibly popular since products can be mass produced easily and affordably.

It all starts with knowing and understanding your application and what you want from your overmolding product. Some applications may not require a great deal of specificity, but it is important to consider all of the factors that may influence your final product. The materials used, the mold design, and the process details are all heavily influenced by your intended application and requirements.

An experienced overmolding company can assist you in addressing all of these factors, and they will give you recommendations and suggestions on how best to create a product for your needs. Finding an experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy overmolding manufacturer is simple with IQS Directory, and it’s the best place to start on your journey to receiving a top of the line overmolded product.

Overmolding Overmolding is a process that is very similar to the standard injection molding process except for the fact that it combines two materials.