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Parkman, OH

Based in Parkman, Ohio, Montville Plastics & Rubber has etched its legacy as a dynamic force since its inception in 1977. Renowned for their precision profile plastic extrusion mastery across a myriad of materials and industries, Montville Rubber and Plastics is synonymous with innovation and reliability.

Their extensive capabilities are a testament to their comprehensive approach. Starting with Design & Engineering, they boast a team of adept professionals who craft visionary solutions tailored to the specific needs of clients. Tool & Mold Making is another area where Montville excels, employing cutting-edge techniques to forge molds that underpin the production of exceptional plastic components.

Montville's prowess in Plastic Extrusion is a cornerstone of their identity, as they artfully craft profiles of varying complexity from diverse materials, catering to industries spanning the gamut. Their Injection Molding capabilities stand as a testament to their technical prowess. Armed with machines capable of accommodating requests up to 48 ounces and clamping forces of up to 420 tons, they offer a versatile array of molding options. Single or multiple cavity mold making, over molding, insert molding, and multiple side pulls are all within their skillset, demonstrating their commitment to adaptability and innovation.

A defining hallmark of Montville Plastics & Rubber lies in their dedication to utilizing a wide spectrum of resins and additives. This meticulous selection ensures that every product or part not only meets but exceeds temperature, durability, and flexibility requirements, marking a distinct commitment to quality.

Montville's dedication to value-added services further underscores their customer-centric approach. Be it fine-tuning designs, enhancing manufacturing processes, or offering invaluable insights, their commitment to going the extra mile stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication.

As a beacon of innovation and expertise, Montville Plastics & Rubber remains a steadfast partner in the ever-evolving world of plastics and rubber manufacturing. Their injection molding capabilities, marked by the ability to cater to diverse requests while upholding stringent quality standards, exemplify their commitment to precision and excellence. Through decades of growth and evolution, Montville Plastics & Rubber remains a cornerstone of industry, delivering solutions that consistently surpass expectations.

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