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Four Process is a custom plastic injection molder supporting customers from start to finish – concept, design, prototype, production and warehousing. For more than 45 years, the company has taken a proactive and hands-on approach to customer service helping clients solve problems while delivering solutions the industry needs.

• Flexibility to manage short-, medium- and long-runs.
• Precision injection molding capabilities delivering quality products on time.
• Custom inventory management to quickly fulfill customer orders.
• On-site production capabilities delivering a one-stop shop for assembly, component sourcing, fabrication, specialized packaging and more.

The drive to be more than just another injection molder is found throughout Four Process’s woman-owned small business, from the shop floor to the offices. It’s fueled by the company’s four pillars:

1. Communication – The more the better to ensure that together, we are on the path to success.
2. Honesty – We do not just tell you what you want to hear, but more importantly, what you need to hear.
3. Value – We are dedicated to ensuring it’s a part of everything we do – products, services, insight
4. Reliability – We say what mean and do what we say!
“Four Process is not just a supplier to Rug Doctor, they are a dedicated and valued partner. The entire team at Four Process is great to work with and are always willing to take on new projects and challenges to help a customer in need.”
— Alicia McCoy, Rug Doctor

For more information on how Four Process can help address your plastic injection needs, visit our website or email at

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