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Toronto, ON

Plastic Automation Engineering Inc. is a Toronto-based manufacturer’s representative company providing sales, marketing, technical support, and application engineering services to the Canadian plastics industry. The firm was formed thirty years ago by Nick Doiu and George Vasilca, two experienced technical entrepreneurs. Over time, PAE Inc. has built a strong reputation on its business integrity, reliability, and excellence in customer service.

At the present, PAE Inc. sells injection molding machines manufactured by Woojin Plaimm Co. Ltd. of South Korea, plastics recycling equipment supplied by Virtus Equipment of Northbrook, Illinois, USA, and process chillers, nitrogen production and compress air purification distributed by Cag Technology of Toronto. In addition, we also deal in used plastics machinery and auxiliary equipment.

Our services fall into three broad categories: (i) preparation of budgetary estimates for the manufacture of your product (ii) before-sale services and (iii) after-sale services.

(i) If you want to manufacture a plastic product and need to know how much it will cost to produce it, don’t worry. We will do a FREE budgetary estimate for you.

(ii) If you commit to purchase a piece of machinery from us, we will offer FREE application assistance and finance advice.

(iii) After you buy the equipment, you can count on our post-sale support services. They consist mainly of installation and startup services, personnel training, and equipment servicing during production.

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